Build a cat sanctuary

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Kauai has a problem with many homeless cats. There are several volunteers who trap, neuter, return and feed them. They also rescue kittens and try to find homes for them after they get them fixed. In many cases kittens and cats can’t go back to where they were found. In those cases, they try to re-locate them to an established cat colony with only marginal success. So, there are hundreds of kittens and cats who have nowhere to go.

What is needed for these hapless cats is a safe place where they can live out their lives. The Humane Society on Kauai regrettably isn’t a no-kill shelter so when homeless cats and kittens end up there they are put down.

So, there is an urgent need for a cat sanctuary on Kauai. The island of Lanai has a remarkable outdoor sanctuary, which we plan on replicating.

You could help with putting up fencing to keep the cats in, building feeding stations and little shelters to protect them from the rain.

You could create a lasting legacy here on Kauai and save the lives of hundreds of kittens and cats.

Accommodation in Kauai Island

eco-luxury travel Aston Waimea Plantation Cottages

This property actually was a working plantation up to the 1930s, and now offers 48 well-crafted bungalows that are traditional and cosy. It feels quite retro but elegant, and is wonderfully secluded. The pool looks out onto the ocean and the hotel has recently added a spa to the facilities.

Kauai Island

The scenery here is somewhat more dramatic than the other islands, with vast caverns and chasms surrounded by typically scenic beaches. There are several small and charming historic towns to discover on day trips. Be sure to spend time at Poipu Beach and Hanalei Bay.