Cheetah Conservation

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As Namibia has the largest and healthiest population of cheetah left in the world, this is the ideal place to participate in a variety of general tasks and operations of the program, in addition to a focus area. Your focus area will depend on your background, areas of interest and length of stay. The best qualification is a willingness to help out wherever needed.

Accommodation in Okonjima

If you’re a fan of big cats, then the leopard and cheetah safaris that run from this upscale camp are second to none. There is a host of luxury accommodation options, including a grand, 12-person villa that is outstanding. Private viewing decks, a secluded pool and gourmet dining are both available, but the cats really […]


Okonjima is a village in Namibia. It is located among the Omboroko mountains, overlooking a small waterfall. The AfriCat Foundation is located in the village.