Desert Elephant Conservation

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You can play a part to reduce elephant-human conflict in the southern Kunene region of Namibia. You will help construct protection walls around water points, or dig new water sources for elephants away from human settlements. You also get to spend a fabulous  day tracking the desert elephants.

You will learn all about the desert elephants of the region and witness them in their own habitat with highly knowledgeable, fantastic project managers.

You rise early to beat the Namibian heat and then stop around 12 to travel back to camp for a traditional African siesta and lunch.  In the afternoons you start work after 2:30 pm and work for a couple of hours, before the time comes to head back to camp in time for the obligatory sundowner. Evenings are spent talking and relaxing around the camp fire, listening to the sounds of Africa.

Building walls is sweaty, hard work but each volunteer does what he or she is capable of doing, and you work as a team to complete the project.

NB: This project is back to basics living, cooking over the camp fire, sleeping under the stars all in with one of the world’s most beautiful deserts as its background.

Accommodation in Damaraland

luxury volunteer vacation Etendeka Camp

In the foothills of the Grootberg massif, set amidst magnificent scenery and the ancient Etendeka lava flows of northern Damaraland, the ten new en-suite tents have recently been refitted with luxury mattresses and 100% cotton linen. Though rustic, creature comforts are retained, while items such as the traditional, open-air bucket shower still hark back to […]

luxury volunteer vacation Doro Nawas

Doro Nawas Camp is located in the dry Aba-Huab River Valley, within the Doro Nawas Conservancy in central Damaraland, and commands spectacular views of the Etendeka Mountains to the north and the red sandstone cliffs of Twyfelfontein in the south. Accommodation is comprised of 16 units: a mix of stone and canvas walls with wood […]

luxury volunteer vacation Huab Lodge

At Huab Lodge there are eight stone and thatch bungalows accommodating a maximum of 16 guests. Meals are enjoyed with the hosts at the family table, where in the lodge’s friendly atmosphere you can make friends and swap stories. In Huab Lodge tradition a variety of less well-known South African wines are presented ceremoniously each […]

luxury volunteer vacation Desert Rhino Camp

Making such wilderness accessible isn’t such an easy task, but this camp manages it, and with some comfort. Guests come here to view the largest free-roaming Black Rhino population on the continent, staying in raised tents set on their own wooden decks. The rhino trackers here are among the best in the business.

luxury volunteer vacation Mowani Mountain Camp

You could almost overlook the buildings here against the sandstone backdrop, the 15 rooms built lovingly into their surroundings. The upscale huts have wrap-around views of the dramatic landscape. Excursions include the poignant bush art at Twyfelfontein, which has 2,500 rock engravings.

luxury volunteer vacation Damaraland camp

Damaraland Camp is located in the Huab River Valley, in one of the most pristine wilderness areas in Namibia. This fabulous camp is owned and now largely run by the local community. The camp offers superb views over the surrounding plains, valleys and of the Brandberg Mountain. The Camp integrates the community, environment and wildlife […]


This region is a vast prehistoric grassland, almost the epitome of rugged beauty and definitely remaining an untamed environment. It is home to Namibia’s highest mountain – the Brandberg – as well as the amazing Petrified Forest, which has incredible examples of fossilized trees.