Help complete a cultural center

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In a low-income part of Honolulu, there is a ‘hale‘, a cultural center being constructed that will assist local families reconnect with their Hawaiian heritage and help redefine them in a more positive and healthy way.

In years to come, many young Hawaiian men and women will come to this hale to learn traditional dance, learn about working with wood in traditional ways, and more. You are helping to give the future generation of Hawaiians a sense of pride, purpose and cultural identity.

The main activities are:

  • helping put the thatched roof on.
  • fitting the back side of the hale with fire resistant materials
  • resurface and stain the flooring
  • building a kitchenette so food can be served
  • helping fence the property
  • planting trees
  • gardening to beautify the property

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Don’t dismiss Oahu as a transit point en route to the other islands. Take a closer look and you’ll uncover a lifetime of adventures. Surf the Banzai Pipeline’s giant waves, hike atop knife-edged pali (cliffs), dive in Hanauma Bay’s giant fishbowl, windsurf or kayak to uninhabited islands off Kailua Bay, and be back in Waikiki for sunset hula.

Oahu, like Honolulu-born President Barack Obama, is proud of its multicultural heritage. The nerve center of the archipelago brings you face to face with Hawaii as it really is, not just a postcard fantasy. All over this island, nicknamed ‘The Gathering Place,’ pulses the Hawaiian lifeblood, from ancient heiau (stone temples) to sacred hula dances and chants. Boisterous festivals keep diverse traditions alive.