New Zealand

Help maintain penguin habitats

Penguin conservation

This Blue Penguin Colony has two sites, each home to a population of approximately 700 penguins.  You can help maintain the habitat in those areas.  You would be able to enter the colonies, and work on vegetation and habitat restoration programs.  This could involve anything from planting new trees to clearing undergrowth, to assisting with the construction of new nesting sites, to working on erosion protection.  Predator protection work may also need to be done.

The work would be quite intense and may involve heavy lifting and gardening.  There would be no direct interaction with the penguins themselves as those activities are restricted to trained staff.

Children are more than welcome and quite often there are up to 40 kids working on habitat projects at any given time.  There is work to be done all year long, with June to September being the prime time for habitat and environmental work as there are fewer penguins on land during the day.

Accommodation in Oamaru

meaningful luxury travel Fletcher Lodge

Set in downtown Dunedin, the surrounding gardens maintain an air of seclusion. The building has been here since 1924, at first a private residence but now welcoming visitors with high levels of service. With just four rooms and two apartments, it’s an intimate affair.

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A traditional home, this boutique hotel is superbly comfortable and the hosts are amazingly welcoming. A wooden-paneled billiard room and atmospheric library set the mood for the lavish public spaces, and the dinner service is of the highest quality.


Oamaru is a historic Victorian town, where the architecture has been well preserved, and includes ornate limestone buildings housing a wealth of traditional craftspeople, and is famous for its annual Steampunk festival, a quirky and fun genre of science fiction that features steam-powered technology. It is often set in an alternate, futuristic version of 19th century Victorian England.

The incredible Moeraki Boulders are nearby and easily visited; these are large ball-shaped rocks strewn along the beach – a must see.

The town is also home to a colony of Little Blue penguins that you can help conserve on a luxury voluntourism trip with us.