Medical Assistance

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If you are a doctor or nurse, you can offer your medical skills to provide primary health care for the San Bushman community.

You have the opportunity to contribute to the medical welfare of the San community and experience unspoiled African wilderness.

 You can examine and treat patients at the clinic and transport those who need hospital treatment to the hospital, over 75 miles (120 km) away. Patients suffer TB and HIV, which are prevalent in the community.

Other common ailments include malnutrition, intestinal worms, fungal infections, aches and pains and everyday problems. During your time as a Medical Clinic Volunteer, you will participate in and assist our doctor and nurse with the running of the clinic and help provide primary healthcare to the local community.

You will spend most of your time at the remote San Bushman clinic in rural Namibia.

Accommodation in Windhoek


The German influence on the capital is complemented by the diversity of Namibia’s ethnic populations. It’s a laid back affair as capitals go, but the town does have the most sophisticated nightlife and shopping in the country. Relax in the near-European atmosphere before heading out on your safari adventure.