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Cancun is a city of contrasts between the opulent resorts of the Hotel Zone and the poverty in the center and outskirts of the city. Cancun has experienced huge population growth in the past 20 years as a result of the success of the tourism industry which has given rise to urban problems. As a result, public services are stretched to the limit. Many families survive on very limited incomes and there are high rates of single-parent families and young mothers.

About Our Partner
It began as a community kitchen to nourish vulnerable people in urban areas. Today its unique programs link nutritional food to education and personal development, offering improved well-being for the people it serves both now and in the future.

How You Can Make a Difference
On weekdays you will be able to help by preparing food in the kitchen, serving food to children and elderly people, organizing the pantry, sharing information about their hometown and engaging with the community members.  On Saturdays you can play with the children and participate in cultural activities in the local park.

Accommodation in Riviera Maya/Cancun/Playa del Carmen

Riviera Maya/Cancun/Playa del Carmen

The most famous beaches in Mexico rightly draw tourists in numbers. If you like a party town, then these destinations won’t let you down – they have all the nightlife you could wish for. The natural splendour is also a draw, though, and during low seasons you’ll have way more space.