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Our vision is to enable you to travel responsibly, both in terms of sustainability and of course by making a difference through giving back.

So it is with great pleasure that we can keep you updated on some of the fantastic responsible travel initiatives that you can be part of when you travel with us:

  1. Plastic Waste – solutions
    There are solutions.
    1. The 5p charge on plastic bags in UK supermarkets has reduced use by 90% since 2015.
    2. An Irish teenager has won a global science award for removing microplastics from water.
    3. Boyan Slat has spent years developing Ocean Cleanup a new prototype boom which is in the water again being tested, making change needs resilience and persistence.
    4. Saltwater Brewery, a craft microbrewery in Delray Beach, in Florida, has developed bio gradable six-pack rings that can serve as a snack to wildlife, as they are made of wheat and barley.

2. Waste Minimization

a. A Californian business, “Restoration Packaging ” has developed a coffee cup which is biodegradable and contains seeds in its wall, which can be planted and grown!

b. In Kerala, the new classification system for houseboats developed by the Responsible Tourism Mission includes “Waste management measures, paper bags, cloth and eco-friendly materials, and code of conduct for guests, staff, and disabled-friendly features such as ramps, toilets, and Braille materials for the visually challenged are must on boats.” More The RT MIssion in Kerala has also agreed with industry stakeholders a Green Code of Conduct action plan in nine major tourist destinations and accommodation units in the state.

3. Child Protection
It is now widely accepted that organizing volunteering in orphanages or visits to them is undesirable and could involve the exploitation of trafficked children, risking modern slavery offences.  Hands Up Holidays agrees with this but it also aware of the danger of “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” and feels it is important to acknowledge that some orphanages genuinely care for real orphans, do good work, and you can travel responsibly helping at them. Even when we offer opportunities to help at these orphanages, we focus on building and renovation projects and limit interaction with the children. There is increasing awareness of the damage done to the victims of paedophiles with more treatment of these in popular media. Read more

4. Climate Change and Aviation

a. Images of Huskies running on water, melted water on top of the ice went viral recently. There is mounting awareness of global warming. BP calculates that global demand for energy grew by 2.9% last year – the biggest rise since 2010 – and that a significant factor in this was the number of much colder and hotter days than normal, which led to a greater use of air conditioners, fans and heaters,  carbon emissions rose by 2% – faster than in any year since 2011, and roughly the carbon equivalent of having 400 million more cars on the roads. Spencer Dale, the company’s chief economist, warned of a “worrying vicious cycle: increasing levels of carbon emissions leading to more extreme weather patterns, which in turn trigger stronger growth in energy and carbon emissions”.  Read more

b. There was some good news: in June, New York City has declared a climate emergency. and EU finance ministers are pushing for a new environmental tax on flying.

5. Pro-Poor Tourism
a. The Kerala Responsible Tourism Network has launched a website offering a wide variety of indigenous handicrafts, souvenirs, traditional attires, home décor, jewellery etc. that reflects the identity of Kerala enabling people to buy online. The offer includes perishable food products which can be delivered in parts of Kerala. Read more

b. 800 coconut thatch-making units registered under the State’s Responsible Tourism (RT) Mission are on track to sell 2,00,000 lakhs at Rp 14 each, significant income for largely rural women in the backwaters. Read more

c. Supported by the World Bank, India’s Uttar Pradesh has launched a creative economies programme to provides opportunities for young local entrepreneurs working in traditional and contemporary industries around tourism-rich areas to use their talents for commercial pursuits.Read more

6. The One Planet Network
The One Planet Network has published its annual magazine with examples of initiatives making real progress towards sustainable consumption and production. They showcase an initiative to reduce food waste in Seychelles and My Green Butler which “provides an integrated digital sustainable hospitality management system which persuades guests to reduce waste through an enjoyable, interactive process that simultaneously increases customer satisfaction. The initiative provides training for hospitality staff to improve guest engagement by empowering them to save resources with the help of customized data and innovative technology.” Discover more

7. Carbon Reduction

Can Tourism Support Carbon Removal Through Direct Air Capture? Read this post from our friends at the Adventure Travel Trade Association.

We hope you found this inspiring – and challenging: responsible tourism is not easy!

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