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Accommodation in South Africa

The variety of lodging options in Australia mirrors the distinctiveness of its various regions. Within the major urban centers, you’ll find choices ranging from charming boutique establishments housed in meticulously restored historic structures to opulent hotels boasting iconic vistas, along with hidden guesthouses nestled in surprising downtown settings.

For those seeking an authentic rural encounter, the outback stations set amidst the nation’s most remote and exquisite landscapes provide an ideal opportunity. Here, you can immerse yourself in country living, catch glimpses of distinctive native wildlife, engage in cattle herding, and embark on explorations of Aboriginal rock art guided by Indigenous experts. Additionally, you have the option to select from permanent tented encampments, lodges ensconced in rainforests, and breathtaking island resorts

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South Africa accommodation options

When choosing your accommodation in South Africa, we suggest eco-luxury options first and foremost, so you can enjoy sustainable luxury. These properties are all recommended by  specialists after  experience staying there.

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