Luxury family volunteering

Volunteer vacations are the way to lend a helping hand, whether you want to spend a few days or few weeks building schools and houses and more – surely you can make a difference by giving your energy,  time and skills to people and places in need.

Spend your vacation meaningfully by:


You can make a difference by teaching in schools and shelters. Many teaching programs are long term but there are several organizations that offer short term spots, especially as a one-on-one reading partner or mentor. You can help by teaching basic English or giving basic computer know-how in schools or after-school clubs.

Environmental Conservation

It can take many forms, from surveying and research, to penguin, elephant, monkey or sea turtle conservation and opportunities exist locally and abroad.

Building Projects

You can help build houses, libraries and schools, and then spend a few days exploring and adventuring. Trips range from far-flung destinations such as Africa and Asia to U.S. destinations, such as rebuilding homes in New Orleans.

If you’re planning a luxury family vacation, spend it wisely by incorporating meaningful activities. Take some time to reflect on your blessings and how you can pass it on to those who are truly in need. You have been blessed to become a blessing so why not take a holiday vacation with a heart?

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