Bolivia: Teach English to children in prison

Bolivia is unique in many ways, no more so than the San Pedro prison. Have you ever heard
of a prison that will incarcerate an entire family for the crime of the father?…. Well now you have!

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Zambia: Teaching in a village

Our vision is to be able to provide improved and advanced education facilities for orphaned
and vulnerable children in remote villages of Zambia.

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Rwanda: Teaching

You can teach English, maths or music to a small group of teenagers living near Volcanoes National Park, who are all eager to learn and lift themselves out of poverty.

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India: Teaching

One of the most popular ways to help is to teach at an inspiring school in the slums of Delhi, which students attend in the half-day that they are not at the government school.

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Kenya: Teaching in a Masai community

The Maasai communities surrounding the
Mara ecosystem are faced with a myriad of problems:
scarce medical facilities, severe droughts,
high unemployment, high illiteracy,

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Indonesia: Teaching

You can make a difference teaching English in an inspiring school – the school is a fascinating story in itself,in that it became a reality as a result of committed local people

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South Africa: Training Teachers

In communities around the Sabi Sands private reserve, you can upskill the teachers by giving them training in key subjects such as English, maths or science.

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