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The Perfect Luxury Family Trip: Thailand


luxury family trip Thailand

Thailand, “The Land of Smiles”  is a justifiably popular destination with many great spots to visit for the perfect luxury family trip, home to palm-fringed beaches, adorned temples, thick jungle and more. You might be tempted to go straight to the coast and hit the beach, but inland Thailand has much more to offer. Explore bustling Bangkok, a city that gets better the more time you spend there.  Go north to the Lanna kingdom of Chiang Mai with its  temples and fabulous cuisine. Take a luxury river cruise from Bangkok to the ancient capital Ayuthaya.

Thailand’s national parks are home to elephants and gibbons, explore Thailand’s authentic and delicious food and attend cooking classes with an expert chef so you can impress your friends back home. Krabi offers epic rock climbing, go trekking, biking, or indulge in luxury train journeys and a lot more!

Come in April for Thai New Year (Songkran), a riotous water festival, or in November for more sedate Loi Krathong, the festival of light.

When you finally reach the coast, slow down and spend some days diving and snorkeling the coral reefs, explore untouched beaches and enjoy the ocean scenery and karst limestone formations of Phang Nga.

Wait, there’s more! Do you want to bond and connect with your children at a deeper level? Volunteer and make your Thailand trip meaningful by helping care for elephants.


luxury family volunteer trip in Thailand

Our travel specialists know there’s more to discover in Thailand and can advise you on the places to explore, adventures to try and experience. They can prepare a tailor-made program just for you and your family to get the most out of your luxury family vacation in Thailand.

Interested? Get your definitive guide to making luxury family trips meaningful by emailing us.


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