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Luxury Family Volunteer Travel

luxury family travel Luxury Family Volunteer Travel

Do you want your children to appreciate how fortunate they are?

Are you looking for an interesting and fun way to bond with your family during your luxury vacation?

By volunteering for part of your family trip you get to spend time with your kids, as they gain insights into other ways of life.

Take a look at our luxury family travel brochure for some inspiration and discover how your family can make a difference and be inspired on a luxury family volunteering trip.

Also, get your free Guide to Making Your Luxury Family Travels Meaningful

You can have the perfect luxury family vacation, one that changes lives…including your own.


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Are you a solo traveler looking for a meaningful trip and be part of a group of like-minded individuals? Then why not consider a singles group trip that blends sightseeing with volunteering?

Volunteering offers a unique way to spend time with the others in your group, while helping a community, a species or the environment.

Take a look at the destinations below to discover how you can join one of our scheduled departure trips, and make a difference alongside others.

These trips typically require just 6 people to ensure the trip goes ahead, and are capped at 16 to keep the group intimate and the group dynamics strong. The accommodation is typically 4*, and the prices are much lower than if you were to do the same trip going solo.

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