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Volunteer Abroad for the Holiday Season

The feeling you get when you give yourself to a cause and to someone in need is unexplainable and unnmatched. Volunteering provides this: taking time to lend a hand, sharing your precious time, skills and expertise for the benefit of humanity. You sow great things, the benefits reaped are even greater!

The feeling that you have done great is why decades of research has established that there is indeed a connection between volunteering and health benefits, not to mention, social benefits.  They say that those who volunteer have increased life span, greater functionality, and lower rates of depression later in life than those who do not volunteer.

Aside from possible long term health advantages, volunteering also can give you the satisfaction of making a difference in your community and country. Volunteers are necessary in so many situations and community circumstances each and every day so get involved!

Wondering how to start?

  • First,  ponder on the issues that speak to your heart and look for organizations that deal with those issues.
  • Contemplate on what you have to offer, and assess if your skills and strengths can be used.
  • How about your availability?  Look at your schedule and look for a project that has a time frame and commitment level you are comfortable with.
  • Discover more about voluntourism activities, organizations, and destinations.  Ask around for feedback and check out the internet.
  • Sign up with  your family and  friends . It is a great way to bond while helping society.

Decide now to get involved! Volunteering can be very beneficial to you, your family, the community and ultimately,  the world you live in! Make volunteering a priority in the coming holidays!

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