Want to bond closer with your children?

Family bonding on a luxury family vacation

Family bonding on a luxury family vacation in Kenya

Our kids, tweens and teens grow up very fast and pretty soon they won’t like to travel with Mom and Dad anymore. Which is why it’s important to bond with them now to create memories and ensure they are on the right path. When you are thinking of ways to bond with your children, it’s always fun to travel and experience new adventures together.
A growing number of luxury vacation destinations around the world are expanding and making great efforts to design a destination that appeals to travelers of all ages. The quality and number of family-friendly attractions are booming, but only a handful really stand out in terms of helping you bond and connect as a family.
When it comes to luxury family vacations, you don’t have to choose between having a vacation and connecting with your family. You can have both. In our opinion, the best way to achieve this is a luxury voluntourism family trip. That is, yes, have relaxation time and see amazing sights, and also spend a few days together giving back (still staying in luxury accommodation – you’ve earned it!) on a volunteer service project.
Yes, this has become one of the most popular types of family travel in recent years and no doubt the “in” thing in luxury family vacations nowadays.
Why not revitalize your family vacations and teach your children the value of helping at the same time? Make them realize that there are people around the world who need help and you can start now.
For families with very young children who love animals (well, most kids do!), then consider joining a wildlife conservation project. Take your pick:
– Prepare meals, feed, walk and bathe the elephants in Thailand or India;
– Protect penguins from predators in New Zealand;
– In Australia, kids can learn about kangaroos and their joeys as well as join in conservation efforts for them;
– Extend a helping hand in caring for the sea turtles in Bali, Greece or Costa Rica;
– You can help socialize and exercise dogs in South Africa and Sri Lanka;
– If they like monkeys, parrots, sloths, they can care for them in Costa Rica. What a great way to see and get to know their favorite animals!
By helping care for animals along with your children and sharing a common interest, you form deeper bonds with them that will help them navigate the tough teenage years better.
If you have older children or teens, these wildlife projects can still be powerful family bonding experiences, but this age opens up the additional opportunity to be immersed in a different culture and strengthen family connection by getting involved in a building or renovation project.
Your whole family can share in that sense of achievement and connection with the people you are helping when you complete a home for a needy in Zambia, Guatemala or Cambodia or help installing an ecological stove for a family in Belize, Peru or India…life changing and family bonding!
Cultivate your children’s adventurous spirits by zip-lining, kayaking, hiking, gondola rides and tree canopy walks, stand-up paddle-boarding, snorkeling, and rafting. And wait, there’s more…recharge in 5* eco-luxury hotels: your whole vacation is not only enjoyable, it is also sustainable and life transforming!
A family luxury vacation that gives back, activities that instill core values and present countless life lessons… contact us to help you plan your transformative family bonding luxury vacation now!