Ways you can help

There are many ways you and your family can make a difference as part of your luxury vacation. Read on and be inspired!


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envYou can play a role in protecting the planet, be it in conserving endangered species, helping in organic gardens, planting trees, or installing fuel efficient stoves.

Working alongside the local people, you can together make a difference.


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bFeel good and make a real difference by helping build a home for a family who would not otherwise have this basic necessity. Expert, local builders manage the build and delegate essential but appropriate tasks to you, with your safety a top priority.

The family the house is being built for – as well as other members of the community – will often come and help build with you, so you get to interact and engage meaningfully with the community.

Other projects you can get involved in include building classrooms, playgrounds and libraries. In Bali you can install a disabled bathroom for a paraplegic. The price of your trip includes the full cost of the materials that will be used.

Repairs and Renovations

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rarYou can gain a sense of achievement and assist with improving the ambiance and “mood” of a school, medical clinic or library by applying a fresh coat of paint and performing  simple repairs made to damaged furniture.

Repairs and renovations is a rewarding activity that lends itself to learning about another culture as you help alongside the local people, sharing laughs and touching lives.

Community Based

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villYou can  immerse yourself in another culture, help alongside villagers, and enjoy deep interaction and appreciation of another way of life. The cost of the materials is included in the tour price, and your time is structured so that you can be of most benefit whilst still sharing laughter and getting to know the community.


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teacGood education is the best avenue to lift people out of poverty and on to a path where they can determine their future, and you can play a part.

Yes, it helps if you have an ESL qualification or if you speak the local language, but you can still make a difference without these advantages – imagine how good you will feel when, after 4 days of intensive conversational English lessons, your student now has the confidence to engage you in a discussion, from which the next helper can build and continue enhancing the foundation you have laid.

The ages you can help range from primary school children to adults whose new skills can help them obtain employment. We supply you with all the appropriate teaching materials so you can maximize your impact.


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you have medical training, you can use your skills to assist in medical clinics in various locations, including Bolivia, Zambia and Namibia. The facilities may not be what you are used to, but many communities lack even basic healthcare so you can be of huge impact, even in a brief time fame. If you are a physical therapist, your skills are very welcome in projects helping disabled people in both Indonesia and Vietnam.


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accIf you have accounting skills, there are charities that would love your help!

IT and Admin

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accYou may not have thought your ‘white collar’ skills could be used whilst on vacation, but you can indeed make a difference.

Overwhelmed with office tasks, charities often have difficulty putting the people they are serving first. Your skills can be of great help in areas such as designing websites, bookkeeping, teaching computer usage, or implementing marketing ideas that the charity can use to raise its profile – on a tight budget!

You can deepen your vacation experience through giving back and interacting meaningfully with the people whose lives you are changing.

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