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Being a world changer in India

As a great parent, naturally you want your children to fulfill their potential. You probably agree that this world could be in better shape, what with wars, famine and, closer to home, domestic violence, murder, drug abuse and failing schools.

Obviously you want raise your children to be those who make the world a better place, and you seek to instill core values in your children to equip them for this, such as compassion, empathy, gratitude and courage. You want your children to be world changers.

Just like the principle of sowing and reaping… seeds will only grow into an abundant harvest if you water, take care, and protect them. The same principle applies to raising our children. What you invest in raising and guiding your children in the present will harvest a strong, well rounded, world changer in the future.

It’s important to be intentional in teaching and instilling these strong hey are committed and inspired to make this world a better place in whatever life path they choose.

Here are six top tips to help you accomplish this:

  1. Know your child.

It is essential to sit down with each of your children and ask them what they believe in, what their thoughts are about certain issues, know their talents and gifts and how they want to use them to bring change into the world.


  1. Create a plan of action.

After discovering your children’s’ talents and passion, help them put those into action. Help them practice these special gifts and interests. You can even do this as part of your luxury family vacation. If your child loves animals, think of ways this interest can make a difference. You can volunteer together at an animal shelter in Costa Rica or South Africa or assist in a wildlife conservation project in Thailand, India, Greece, Bali, New Zealand or Australia.

If your child loves cooking then bring them to a soup kitchen in New York, San Francisco or Italy so they can help prepare meals and serve the less fortunate. Hands Up Holidays can also arrange private cooking classes, and even the opportunity to go behind the scenes in a Michelin-starred restaurant when it is in full swing. And we can also take you to restaurants that actively seek out at-risk youth and train them in hospitality to give them a chance in life. Your child can be the next MasterChef who can impact the world by cooking.

Perhaps your child is developing an interest in design or architecture. You can bond closer as a family and build a home for a needy family for part of your luxury vacation in Guatemala, Zambia, or Cambodia.

Children are increasingly aware of the issues facing the environment, and keen to act to preserve it. You can encourage this on your vacation, enable them to make a difference. Examples are installing an eco-friendly stove in Belize, Peru or India, or helping at an organic gardening project in South Africa.

  1. Be committed.

Commitment is one of the keys to raising a future world changer. Start with yourself. If you are strong willed and committed, they’ll follow your lead. Be intentional in keeping your commitments and have the integrity in everything you set out to do.

  1. Be your child’s number one fan.

Your words have power and have long-lasting effect to your child so be careful with your words and choose them wisely. Support and encourage your children every step of the way. Be a positive parent of the future world changer.

  1. Allow them to experience and explore.

It is a cliché but it is true: experience is the best teacher! Create an opportunity for your children to experience and learn. In every situation, you can create a learning experience. It may be as simple as a short walk in the park and teaching the value of good health and exercise by walking and moving their body parts or maybe, telling a historical story about the place.

Do this on your vacation as well – Hands Up Holidays specializes in creating a tailored itinerary for you that can include experiential learning and incredible places to explore as part of your luxury trip.

  1. Have fun!

It doesn’t have to be serious, all work and no play. Have fun. Travel with your child(ren). Travel is one of the best experiences and opportunities to turn your children into future world changers.

Travel with them, expose them and give them a headstart by introducing them to volunteering on a luxury family vacation. Let them engage meaningfully with other people from different cultures on a deeper level as they hear their stories and gain insights into their lives. Volunteering and serving will help them (and you, too) discover who they are, what they like to be and what they want to do.

Great family vacations aren’t just about luxury and fun. Travel experiences can change lives and transform little minds in extraordinary ways and ultimately creating future world changers!

Contact us to arrange the perfect luxury family itinerary that combines sightseeing and serving and inspires your children to be world changers.


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